About Me

I’m a grad student at New York University and a member of CILVR Group. My research interest lies in deep reinforcment learning, unsupervised learning and natural language understanding.

Prior to NYU, I completed my bachelors at IIT, Mandi during which I also spent an year at Technical University, Munich (TUM).

Projects & Publications

  • Learning When to Communicate Amanpreet Singh*, Tushar Jain*, Sainbayar Sukhbaatar ICLR 2019 [Paper] [Code]

  • Crosslingual Transfer for Inflection Generation Tushar Jain, Katharina Kann Research on morphological generation in low resource cross-lingual settings. WIP

  • Tushar Jain, Shubham Chandel, Mikael Henaff, Yann LeCun Using model-based reinforcement learning in text-based games. WIP

  • Question Generation Rajat Agarwal, Tushar Jain, Kumar Mehta Survey research project on question generation via machine comprehension and achieved SOTA results for the task using attention with seq-to-seq with beam search. [Report]

  • Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning Under Prof. Rob Fergus Research on imitation learning using generative model. Designed a novel method for using GANs as environment simulator for model-based Reinforcement Learning.

  • Genomics Trait & Disease Prediction Under Prof. Lawrence Sirovich Research on genomics data (GWAS), where #input-features \(\gg\) #training-examples, making it difficult to avoid overfitting, for disease prediction on SNPs.

  • Biometric Data Synthesis Using GAN Under Prof. Aditya Nigam Research on using multiple generators and discriminators to speed-up GAN training. Multiple discriminators with varying architecture provided empirical speedup during training time.